Pierre Fritsch
24. October 2013

Most of the time your first idea is not the best one

Last week at the [Puzzle TechTalk](http://www.puzzle.ch/blog/articles/2013/08/26/einladung-zum-puzzle-tech-talk-2013/ title=) we conducted a workshop about sketching interfaces.

We challenged our participants to draw 100 interfaces of a “To-Do app” in 10 minutes. Each one tried to sketch a minimum of five ideas and choose his favorite afterwards. We asked them, which one of their ideas they liked best:

The favorite Idea is not always the first one

Out of the 24 participants only 5 picked their first sketch as their best idea.

This shows that the best ideas usually needs more than one sketch. So, always explore variations of your idea instead of just going, whatever comes to mind first.