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Annemarie Gugelmann

Interview with a UX Designer

Annemarie Gugelmann 16. April 2018 Ersten Kommentar schreiben

For our blog series, I interviewed Pascal Geronimi, the founder of We Are Cube and UX Designer extraordinaire. Here are Pascal’s thoughts about UX Design, what inspires him, and what makes We Are Cube unique. Pascal currently works for InnoArchitects as a UX Lead.


What’s the story behind the UX team name (We are Cube)?

I was looking for a name for our studio, something that would play well with a Puzzle. One evening, I don’t know why, the image of a Rubik’s cube popped into my mind. It was multidimensional, with a lot of moving parts, and Rubik’s sounds very much like UX. Obviously, UX Cube was the name I was looking for! First thing in the morning, I ran to tell Roland (Studer, WAC’s co-founder). I was so excited that I didn’t bother to check on the Internet for similar design studios‘ names. And of course, UX Cube already existed. My face became red in frustration and I shouted: “F***, WE are cube!”.

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