Pierre Fritsch
2. July 2013

Why we switched from Fireworks to Sketch for Interface Design

Sketch is a great vector graphics app for OSX by Bohemian Coding, which lets us rediscover the pleasure of designing web and mobile applications.

We have been using Adobe Fireworks for the last 2 years. It has some unique features and workflows which make it more appropriate for UI design than Photoshop:

The downsides of Fireworks

In many aspects, the tool feels like it was never really integrated in the Suite:

Adobe has recently announced their intention to abandon the product development to focus on Edge tools. So staying with Fireworks was no option.

Moving to Sketch

Thanks to Sacha Greif’s newsletter, we discovered Sketch, a little tool with a lot of seduction weapons:

The interface is really simple
The interface is really simple

And a lot more great stuff like styles, multiple fills and borders per element, the canvas, non-destructive operations on groups, the great color selection tool, etc.

Ok, there are still a few rough edges (copy & paste places your element far away, cannot export with blur effect in some format…) but we are confident that the Bohemian Coding team will fix them.

We enjoy designing interfaces again. It’s like opening a fresh new notebook!

If you are tempted, you can try it for free: http://www.bohemiancoding.com/sketch/. And if you like it, it only costs 49$!